Facebook FAQ

    This page introduces Facebook Log In (formerly “Facebook Connect”), describes how to set it up on Wesconnect, and how to turn it off. (See screenshots.)

    What is Facebook Log In?

    Fewer passwords! Facebook Log In is a convenient feature that allows you to log in to Wesconnect using your Facebook credentials instead of your Wesconnect credentials. If you are a Facebook user it saves you from having to remember yet another username and password to access Wesconnect.

    How do I set up Facebook Log In?

    You need to complete First Time Signup on Wesconnect before using Facebook Log In for the first time.

    1. Be sure that you are not logged in to Facebook.
    2. Visit Wesconnect.
    3. Click on the blue “Facebook Log In” button on the left side of the page. A popup window will open.
    4. Type in your Facebook credentials and click Log In. You will be logged in to Facebook and presented with a Permissions Request screen for an app called US Publisher Encompass.
    5. Click Go to App to authorize Facebook Log In and be redirected to the Wesconnect Login page.
    6. Log in using your original Wesconnect credentials.
    7. Log out of Wesconnect.
    8. Now, any time you want to access Wesconnect, simply click the blue Facebook Log In button. Facebook will prompt you for your username and password if you’re not already logged in. Otherwise you’ll be logged in to Wesconnect automatically.

    How do I turn Facebook Log In off?

    Log in to Facebook and navigate to the drop-down arrow at the top-right of screen → Account Settings → Apps. Click the “X” icon next to “US Publisher Encompass”, then click the “Remove” button on the confirmation dialog that pops up.

    If you change your mind and want to re-establish the link, simply return to the Wesconnect login page and click the blue “Facebook Log In” button and you’ll be prompted to re-authorize the app.

    Not working properly?

    Please let us know of any problems.