Fitzgerald ’09, Pavlacky ’08 change art landscape

[Travis Fitzgerald '09, Josh Pavlacky '08]Travis Fitzgerald '09 and Josh Pavlacky '08 discuss starting "American Medium," displaying art on different platforms and their newest Kickstarter campaign, in this interview with Bullett Media.

The American Medium Kickstarter, with a goal of $20k, closes on Feb. 28.

There’s a galaxy of galleries in New York City, but none quite like American Medium. Started in Philadelphia in 2011 by Travis Fitzgerald, Josh Pavlacky, and Daniel Wallace, AM doubles as a curatorial space and production house.

Tell us about the day American Medium was born. Can you recall it?

It was winter 2011. Josh and Daniel were living in a turn-of-the-century candy shop in Philadelphia and were daydreaming of exhibiting large-scale digital prints in the parlor. That idea quickly outgrew itself, turning into the larger project of bridging the gap from artist-run space to commercial gallery.

American Medium seems to be the first of its kind. Do you see it that way?

The three of us were heavily embedded with a group of post-2008 crash dual-site galleries that were working with a community of artists who used the internet as a vital tool in their practice...we were accustomed to nebulous boundaries, as were the artists, and this led to us supporting work in more ways than is traditionally expected. Our passion comes from a love of the creative force, and when you consider it from that perspective, we don’t think we’re doing anything groundbreaking.

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Image: c/o of American Medium

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