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Version 3.0 for iOS is now available. Most iOS 7 users who have version 2.9 installed will automatically receive the update. To check manually, go to the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad and check for updates. The 3.0 update for Android will be released later this year.

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The Wesleyan Alumni Mobile App allows you to search Wesleyan’s Alumni Directory with results from LinkedIn.

What does it do?

Wesleyan alumni, faculty and students can use the app to stay in touch with their Wesleyan friends, and to network for career purposes. Users can:

  • Search the alumni directory
  • Connect a LinkedIn account and see additional data
  • Locate alumni nearby
  • Email or call directly from the app
  • Find alumni with common interests
  • Send information updates to Wesleyan

Changes in version 3.0

Version 3.0 for iOS was released on June 4, 2014. The Android update will be available later this year. This release introduces the following updates:

  • You can now authenticate using only a LinkedIn account
  • PIN codes have been replaced with passwords (if you don’t use LinkedIn)
  • Friendlier account confirmation if your email doesn’t match
  • A new home screen contains a menu of common tasks
  • You can now search on LinkedIn industries and companies
  • The app recommends connections based on shared interests
  • There’s a new Classmates view


Version 3.0

Wesleyan Alumni Mobile 3.0 requires iOS 6.1 or higher (iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 4th Generation or later, and iPad 2.0 or later). An Android version will be released later this year.

Version 2.9

Wesleyan Alumni Mobile 2.9 requires iOS 5 or higher, or Android 2.1 or higher.

Eligibility and verification

The Alumni Mobile App uses email verification to ensure that users requesting access are alumni, students or faculty of Wesleyan University. If we have your email address on file you will be able to log in right away. If we don’t have your email address you’ll be placed into a queue and we’ll get back to you once we’ve verified your identity.

Who can see my information?

Only Wesleyan University alumni, students, and faculty—you have to be an alumna/alumnus, current student or faculty member to log in. Access is further restricted by constituent type with Alumni able to see the most information and Students the least. Street-level addresses are hidden for all users. Other fields may be hidden based on data availability and personal preferences.

Wesleyan wants you make informed choices. Use of personal information in the Mobile App adheres to the Wesconnect Privacy Policy (see “Online Directory and Profile Pages” and “Changes to Personal Data”). Please email or call (860) 685-2525 with any questions.

Can I change my profile?

Yes! Our information might be outdated, or you may prefer to select which fields are shown. We can update your profile for you. Please let us know by:

  • Filling out the support form and checking “Alumni Mobile App,” or
  • Using the app:
    • Version 3.0: tap your name on the main screen, scroll to the bottom and tap “Update this profile.”
    • Version 2.9: go to the Menu (top left), choose My Profile, scroll to the bottom and tap “Suggest an Update.”

Your message will be sent to our support staff your changes will appear once they have been processed into the Wesleyan alumni database.

Can I opt out?

Yes! Contact us at to opt out of the Alumni Mobile App. When you opt out of the app your record will not show up in the Wesleyan Alumni Mobile App directory.

We’d love to hear from you

Please send your feedback on the app to If you like the app please consider leaving a rating on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Support and FAQs

See the list of common support questions at the Alumni Helpdesk. If your problem is not covered please contact us using the support request form and check “Alumni Mobile App.”

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