WEServe Week of Service

Wesleyan alumni impact their communities every day. The WEServe Week of Service (January 18-24) is a time to celebrate this by participating in a service project in your hometown, side-by-side with other members of the Wesleyan community.

The Details

We are looking for volunteers from around the globe to step up as "project captains." Captains will plan a service project of any kind and send us the details. We will publicize, take registrations, and mail each captain a project kit. Captains run the show on-site and agree to send us photos and a list of participants. All projects generally take place during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday week, January 18-24.

Project Examples

Clean up a park, read to children, or organize the food pantry. Or, build a database, write a social media plan, or audit the books for a non-profit startup. Find ways to use Wesleyan hands and Wesleyan minds to serve others!  Projects can involve 2 people to 200+ people, and they can take place during the day or evening. Some may be suitable for children and families. We suggest that you do not do fundraising.  Although this initiative is confined to a single week, we hope it will make connections that lead to more volunteerism and community support in the future. 


  • December 31: Deadline for project captains to submit project details.
  • January 9: Deadline for participants to sign up for one or more projects.
  • January 18-24: Projects take place in cities and towns around the world.
  • Starting January 19: We will share photos and stories from all projects.

WEServe Week of Service Steering Committee

  • Makaela (Steinberg) Kingsley '98, Director of Wesleyan's Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship (PCSE)
  • Jennifer Opalacz, Assistant Director, Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Christine Colfer, Administrative Assistant, Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Rachel Prehodka-Spindel, Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Cathy (Crimmins) Lechowicz, Director of Wesleyan’s Center for Community Partnerships
  • Rosy Capron '14, Civic Engagement Fellow, Wesleyan University
  • Diana Martinez '07, Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) Coordinator, Wesleyan University
  • Alex Drexler '16, Habitat for Humanity coordinator, Wesleyan Office of Community Service & Volunteerism
  • Stephen McCarthy ’75, Co-Founder, Wesleyan Alumni  in Philanthropy and Public Service (WAPPS)

    Past WEServe Weeks

    WEServe is now in its third year. Be sure to check out the great photos from our previous WEServe projects!


    If you have any questions, please contact Christine Colfer at (860) 685-3933 or ccolfer@wesleyan.edu.


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