Travel with Wesleyan

Wesleyan alumni are zealous about life and about learning, and through the Travel with Wesleyan program, alumni, parents, and friends are offered the opportunity to combine these two passions.

Whether you are interested in taking a relaxing vacation to a destination that you’ve never explored or if you are more in the mood for an adventurous getaway, I’m sure that we will have something for you—and if we don’t, I hope you’ll take a moment to send me your suggestions! We are always keeping our eyes and ears open for unique and educational travel opportunities.

If you have not traveled with Wesleyan before, I hope that now is the time you will start. And if you have traveled with us, I hope that you will join us again as we continue our journey to new lands across the world.

With best wishes,

Jennifer Healey
Assistant Director, Alumni and Parent Relations

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