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The Wesleyan Alumni Mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to search the Alumni Directory from your phone or tablet. As of November, 2014 there are over 2,170 registered users. Access is available to authorized users only: Wesleyan alumni, current students, and faculty.

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What does it do?

The app allows Wesleyan alumni, faculty, and students to stay in touch with their Wesleyan friends, and to network for career purposes. Users can:

  • Update their contact information
  • Search the alumni directory
  • Find alumni in their area
  • View LinkedIn profile data from within the app
  • Email or call directly from the app
  • Find alumni with common interests

Recent changes

Version 3 was released in Summer 2014 and features the following updates:

  • You can now log in using your LinkedIn account
  • PIN codes have been replaced with passwords (if you don’t use LinkedIn)
  • Friendlier account confirmation if your email doesn’t match
  • A new home screen contains a menu of common tasks
  • You can now search on LinkedIn industries and companies
  • The app recommends connections based on shared interests
  • There’s a new Classmates view

Known issues

Resolved as of November 17, 2014: with the release of Wesleyan Alumni 3.2.1 on Google Play today, this issue is now resolved. We tested on a Nexus 7 running Android 4.4.4 and were able to log in using LinkedIn. We could to set a PIN without any keyboard issues. (We had to clear the app cache and app data in Settings → Apps → Wesleyan because we were seeing the “Unfortunately Wesleyan has stopped” error after upgrading.) Please update your Wesleyan Alumni Android app to the latest version.

October 22, 2014: Some Android users who log in using LinkedIn are unable to proceed on the PIN screen because of a keyboard bug. Developers are working on a fix and estimate that the update will be available in early November. Meanwhile affected users can work around this problem by logging out of the app, and logging back in using the Email and Password method, instead (see instructions). If you are affected by this issue and would like assistance, please let us know and we will get right back to you.

Version history

Nov. 17, 2014
App version 3.2.1 for Android (minor update).
Sept. 7, 2014
App version 3.1 for Android (major update).
July 31, 2014
App version 3.0.6 for iOS (minor update).
June 4, 2014
App version 3.0 for iOS (major update).
Records migrated to version 3.0 of EverTrue platform.
Oct. 14, 2013
App version 2.9 on iOS (minor update).
Sept. 23, 2013
App version 2.8 launches on iOS and Android (first Wesleyan version).


We’d love to hear from you. Please send your feedback on the app to If you like the app please consider leaving a rating on the iOS App Store or Google Play to help more Cardinals find it :)


The app uses the Evertrue Community platform.