Shasha 2016: The Role of the University in an Era of Mass Incarceration

Mass Incarceration has become a central social challenge of our time. With almost 2.25 million Americans behind bars, costs, racial inequities and community impact are spiraling out of control. This has led to frenzied discussion in the media, political circles, citizens’ groups and indeed on Wesleyan’s campus on how to address the issue. For this year’s Shasha Seminar we will convene experts from across the country to examine the University’s role in this seemingly intractable problem and discuss paths forward. 

Shasha Seminar For Human Concerns: The Shasha Seminar is an educational forum for Wesleyan alumni, parents, and friends that provides an opportunity to explore issues of global concern in a small seminar environment. Endowed by James Shasha ’50, P’82, the Shasha Seminar for Human Concerns supports lifelong learning and encourages participants to expand their knowledge and perspectives on significant issues.

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