Pauline Frommer ’88 Reviews New Google Travel Tools

October 28, 2011 / Friendly URL:

[Pauline Frommer ’88]Pauline Frommer ’88 shares some discoveries of innovative new tools for travelers on her recent visit to Google’s New York City offices.

“The Wii station was empty, but the two ping-pong tables were a blur of competition as four scruffy, baseball-capped fellows volleyed back and forth. Next to them dozed another 20-something, vibrating slightly as he rested in an elaborate leather massage chair. Nearby, other young adults fiddled with Legos in a bin-jammed nook holding hundreds of toy pieces and sculptures made from the stuff (including a sculpture of the block-wide office building we were in).

“Meet the geniuses who are changing the world as we know it at Google. To keep their creativity diamond sharp, the company encourages staff to blow off steam in the giant rec room at the center of the office and hold meetings while playing games.

“It must be working, as there sure are a lot of creative ideas coming out of Google lately. I got a chance to visit this geek wonderland recently (Google’s New York office) to learn more about the company’s travel tools, including its spanking-new flight search engine (”

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Image: Star Travel.

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