Read Along with Professor Magda Teter


Sinners on Trial: Sacrilege after the Reformation
by Magda Teter
Jeremy Zwelling Professor of Jewish Studies

Register by February 1 for a unique online-only opportunity to discuss the book Sinners on Trial with Professor Teter and other Wesleyan alumni and parents. Registrants will be given access to an online discussion board where they can participate in a conversation about the book, broken down chapter-by-chapter, with thought-provoking questions posed by Professor Teter. Registrants will receive information to log in to the online discussion board on February 6. The discussion is organized so that a chapter (or two) will be discussed each week, beginning February 11. 

Professor Teter's most recent book Sinners on Trial: Jews and Sacrilege after the Reformation addresses broad themes of religion, politics, law, and crime. The book reveals how criminal law became a key tool in religious conflicts after the Reformation. An expert in Jewish-Christian relations, Teter casts new light on the most infamous type of sacrilege, the accusation against Jews for desecrating the eucharistic wafer in the post-Reformation era. Recounting dramatic stories of torture, trial, and punishment, this is the first book to consider the sacrilege accusations of the early modern period within the broader context of politics and common crime. Teter draws on previously unexamined trial records to bring out the real-life relationships among Catholics, Jews, and Protestants and challenges the commonly held view that following the Reformation, Poland was a “state without stakes”—uniquely a country without religious persecution. 

Professor Teter's book has been praised as "brilliant," "innovative," "marvellous," "beautifully written and richly documented." Reviewers noted that she is a "remarkably gifted story-teller."  Read more about her book, published by Harvard University Press. 

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