Wesleyan Thinks Big


No slides. No handouts. No Moodle. 
Five of the most exciting professors at Wesleyan, talking about the ideas they can’t stop thinking about.

Tuesday, December 4
8-9:30 pm

 Students nominated their favorite professors earlier this semester and now five of those professors have been brought together to deliver nine-minute lectures on a topic that excites and inspires them—even if it’s not something they talk about in class. Especially if it’s not something they talk about in class.

Inspired by TED Talks and emceed by Professor Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Wesleyan Thinks Big will show you the professors you love like you've never seen them before. Bring your open mind, and prepare to have it blown.

This event was organized by Tobias Butler '13, Glenn Cantave '15, Zach Fischman '13, Arianna Fishman '13,  Maxwell Hellmann '13, Caitlin Palmer '13, Maeve Russell '14, Hannah Vogel '13, and Evan Weber '13. Live streaming is sponsored by the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement and Events.


Greg Voth, associate professor of physics 
"The Paradox of Modern Physics"

Dar Williams '89, visiting professor in public policy
"Positive Proximity: What I discovered by touring in about 500 cool American towns from Rockland, Maine to Fairbanks, Alaska" 

Elvin Lim, associate professor of government
"The Case Against Marriage"

Gil Skillman, professor of economics
 "Wesleyan 2050" 

Scott Higgins, associate professor of film studies
"Fighting Familiarity with Form, or Why Should We Look More Closely"

**The event will be streamed live.**

Still confused? Check out www.wesleyanthinksbig.com for last year's video.