Hide information in your profile

You can choose which personal information to display in your alumni profile. By default your contact information is available to other alumni through the Alumni Directory. Here’s how to make changes.

Let’s say you wish to remove your home contact information from your alumni profile. Go to My Profile, scroll to the Home Contact area, and then you have two options:

  1. You can either choose to remove the whole block (using the red 'x'), or
  2. Edit select fields (using the yellow pencil).

[hide selected fields, or a whole set]

If you choose to remove the whole set you can undo this (re-add the set) at a later point. To do this, use the 'Add Content' link at the top of the profile screen, near the profile photo.

Removing this information hides it from your profile, but does not delete it. You will still have your contact information on record (see My Account > Home Contact tab).