Add someone to your Friends List

There are two places in Wesconnect where you will see the icon to add someone to your Friends List:

From a Directory results page:

[Directory results page]

From a member’s Profile Page:

[member Profile Page]

To add a member to your friends list, click the icon pictured above (a person with a plus sign) or the link that says “Add Member to Friends List”.

This will take you to form to send that person a message. Compose your message, or go with the default text, then preview the message and send it. Your friend will receive an e-mail with a link that they can click to confirm.

[compose message screen]

Because adding someone as a friend requires an e-mail exchange, this option is not available for all members in the Directory. If we have an e-mail address on file, then you will see the “Add to Friends List” option. Otherwise it will not be there and you will see the note icon only.

[results page with different options]

When “Add to Friends List” is not available, your other option within Wesconnect is to view that alum’s profile to see if they have a mailing address on file, and contact them by post.