Candidates for Alumni-Elected Trustees 2015

Harold Sogard ’74, P’17

[Harold Sogard ’74, P’17]

“I love, love, LOVE Wesleyan. It radically changed my life. And now my daughter (Class of ’17) is blossoming there as well.

“My wife has grown accustomed over the years to hearing me exclaim “that’s a Wesleyan person!” as I read in the news about yet another great achievement on the part of a Wesleyan alum in academia, the arts, business, public service, and science. But, unfortunately, it seems that in recent years I am also reading more and more frequently about not so positive things happening on campus. Stories about sexual harassment and rape, about binge drinking, about drug overdoses, and about suicide.

“None of these problems are unique to Wesleyan. And I know that President Roth and the entire faculty and administration are working hard to prevent such things.

“If I am elected to serve as a trustee, I would like to dedicate my three year term to doing whatever I can to help Wesleyan take a national leadership role in bringing these challenges to student health and safety under control.

“I can’t pretend to have any great solution in mind already. I’m not a psychiatrist or public health professional. But I would approach this issue as all Wesleyan-taught people would: with rigor, with deep questions, with collegiality, and with total determination to effect positive change.

“There are of course other important issues before Wesleyan and its trustees. I would certainly do my part to help on those too. But if, through focusing on the student health and safety issue, I can help even just one student make it through who might not have otherwise, that would be accomplishment enough for me.”


  • Tiburon, California
  • President, The Hive Advertising
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, San Francisco Food Bank
  • ’74 Class Treasurer, former President of WESU-FM, and long-time Class Agent
  • MBA, Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago

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David Davenport ’88

[David Davenport ’88]

“Whatever you bring to Wesleyan, I have found that the University will nurture and challenge intellectual curiosity with surprising and exciting returns. I went to Wesleyan with an interest in writing plays, graduated as a government major and went on to write political speeches for elected officials before transitioning to finance and entrepreneurship.

“During my years on campus, I served on the WSA for 2 years, wrote for the Argus, started a literary magazine, a black men’s discussion group, and served as an officer of a fraternity. Combined with critical reasoning developed through the academic program, these experiences created relationships that have grown into a strong network.

“Over the years, Wesleyan has built on its liberal arts heritage while creating new programs, new schools, and new disciplines. We must continue to innovate in ways that make the Wesleyan experience more vital in the years to come.

“I bring unique career experiences from government, development of school facilities, years of finance, and more recently entrepreneurship to the table and will be honest about what I think is best for the Wesleyan community.

“For example – I worked at a leading credit rating agency in the higher education group during which time I traveled the country evaluating the curricula, management, matriculation, facilities and endowments of colleges and universities and gave them a published letter grade. I have also served on a number of non-profit Boards, appointed positions, and serve as the President of a scholarship fund.

“Today, I manage an energy service company that is working to finance and deliver energy efficiency and renewable energy to many of the largest buildings in New York City. This is an interest that I would represent on the Board. Most importantly, I am proud to be a Wesleyan alum, and willing to work”.


  • New York, New York
  • Managing Principal, Urban Greenfit, LLC
  • Member and Co-Chairman of Economic Initiatives for the 100 Black Men of New York
  • Kwanzaa celebration host, Psi Upsilon member, former Wesleyan Student Assembly member, former Student Affairs Committee member
  • MBA, Columbia University

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Marcus Chung ’98

[Marcus Chung ’98]

“Wesleyan is a community of individuals who excel by thinking creatively and critically. This ability to challenge the status quo, to analyze problems and develop creative solutions has allowed me to find success in the field of corporate social responsibility, a discipline that requires testing innovative ideas toward solving some of the world’s greatest problems like extreme poverty, gender inequality and climate change. This intellectual curiosity helps me spend my days as a change agent focused on using the private sector’s tremendous resources to build a better, more just world.

“More than anything, I associate my Wesleyan experience first with an abundance of rich, challenging discourse (both within the classroom and outside) that pushed me to learn more about myself and understand different perspectives. It was also at Wesleyan where I built lifelong friendships that have supported, empowered and emboldened me both personally and professionally since graduation. Finally, I would share my belief that Wesleyan instills in its students a confidence to achieve excellence – whether in academics, public service or private industry, Wesleyan alumni are consistently among each sector’s leaders.

“I have direct experience as a non-profit board member through my service on Net Impact’s board of directors where I led the growth of the nonprofit from a $1.8million to a $3.6 million organization during a period when non-profits were challenged by a difficult fundraising environment. Furthermore, I serve on the advisory boards of Wesleyan’s Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship and UC Berkeley’s Center for Responsible Business. These experiences, coupled with years of leading large global teams in the private sector, will make me an effective Trustee. I have a proven track record of helping organizations set strategic courses while offering practical, action-oriented solutions.”


  • San Francisco, California
  • Vice President, Social Responsibility & Vendor Compliance, The Children’s Place
  • Alumni Advisory Board member, Center for Responsible Business, University of California at Berkley, and former Board member at Net Impact
  • Current Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Board member, former class secretary, former admissions interviewer, former Senior Class Secretary of the Wesleyan Student Assembly, former men’s swimming team tri-captain
  • MBA, University of California at Berkeley

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