Robin Cook ’62: Q&A on how and why he writes

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[Robin Cook ’62]Naples News interviews bestselling author of medical thrillers Robin Cook ’62, who gives insight into the hows and whys of his writing process, particularly as it pertains to his latest, Death Benefit.

RC: …All of my books start out with issues I am concerned about and something the public would want to know so that they can protect themselves to some degree. Then I come up with a story line that will then dramatize the issues. Then I say, ‘OK, what characters would make this story happen.’ When I first started writing, I didn’t think that way at all. I populated my story with characters. With some of my later books like “Death Benefit,” if you change the characters, the story wouldn’t happen.

CC: Do you try to persuade public opinion at all or do you simply want to inform your readers about certain subjects?

RC: My interest really came out of a wish to alter public policy—the best way to do that is to alter public opinion, and try to get a grassroots movement going. The health system is a good example.…”

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