Wesleyan Book Awards

The Wesleyan Book Award program helps maintain Wesleyan’s traditions of excellence and diversity by strengthening relations between Wesleyan and secondary schools and encouraging talented young men and women to consider attending Wesleyan. The Wesleyan University Alumni Association, through its volunteers, presents the Wesleyan Book Award to outstanding juniors at selected secondary schools around the country.

We strongly encourage alumni and parent volunteers to initiate the Wesleyan Book Award in their local communities. Volunteers interested in coordinating and presenting an annual Wesleyan Book Award at a high school in their area should contact the high school guidance counselor, share the book award criteria and, in conjunction with the counselor, decide if additional criteria (e.g. a particular number of AP classes) should be added.

Our book selection for 2017 is Hamilton: The Revolution  by Wesleyan University alumni Lin-Manuel Miranda '02. We have completed our list of participating schools and will be mailing the book to these schools in late March. 


The student selected should:

  • Excel at a rigorous course of study that includes courses at the most advanced level (AP courses or their equivalent) in at least two of the following subject areas: humanities (for example, English, Foreign Language or Literature, and the Arts); social science (for example, History, Economics, Government); and mathematics and science (for example, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics).
  • Demonstrate independent thought and creative thinking consistent with the spirit of free and energetic inquiry encouraged by Wesleyan University.
  • Show extracurricular achievement, school leadership, community involvement or commitment to the arts.

While receipt of the award does not signify admission to Wesleyan, a goal of the award is to recognize a student whose record would merit serious consideration by Wesleyan.

The alumni or parent volunteer should work closely with the guidance counselor to finalize the book award details and decide who will present the award to the student on behalf of the Wesleyan University Alumni Association. The alumni or parent volunteer is responsible for notifying Elizabeth Bianco at (860) 685-2617 or ebianco@wesleyan.edu with the name of the high school, name of the book award recipient, and the date the book was awarded by June 30 each year.