Alumni Trustee Election Procedures

Terms of Office

The Board of Trustees is composed of not more than 33 members, nine of whom are elected by the alumni for three-year terms. The terms of three alumni-elected trustees expire on June 30. To permit as many alumni as possible to serve the University in this high office, no alumni-elected trustee shall be eligible for reelection by the alumni.

The current alumni-elected trustees are:

Marcus Chung '98 (2018)
David Davenport '88 (2018)
John H. Hall ’65, P’92 (2019)
Saeyun Lee ’93 (2017)
Hong Qu ’99 (2019)
Lawrence "Muzzy" Rosenblatt ’87 (2017)
Kennedy Odede ’12 (2017)
Elizabeth "Betsey" Schmidt ’89 (2019)
Harold Sogard '74 P'17 (2018)

Election Procedure

There are two categories of nominees: alumni whose classes are 21 or more years past graduation and alumni whose classes are 20 or fewer years past graduation. The candidate in each category having the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. The candidate with the next highest number of votes shall be declared elected to fill the third vacancy. In the event that an additional alumni-elected trustee vacancy exists at the time of the election, the individual with the highest number of votes among the remaining candidates shall be declared elected to fill that vacancy. If two or more candidates in such an election should receive the same number of votes, the winner shall be determined by drawing lots.

Methods of Voting

To act with fiscal prudence and environmental responsibility, we are phasing out the print version of our alumni-elected trustee ballot. We encourage you to vote online.

If you are unable to vote online, you may complete a paper ballot and mail it to Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, Wesleyan University, 110 Mt. Vernon Street, Middletown, CT 06459. Your name must be on the ballot form for your vote to be counted.

Qualifications For Voting

All graduates of the First Degree and all persons who have been admitted to a degree higher than the First, whether honorary or in course, shall be entitled to vote in the election of alumni trustees. In addition, each person who has attended Wesleyan University as a member of an undergraduate class for one term shall, during the senior year of his or her class and after the graduation of his or her class, be eligible to vote in the election of alumni trustees.