Anne Field ’77 finds a Wes connection post-interview with Appadurai ’00

By Caroline MacNeille '16

[Anne Field '77]When Anne Field '77 interviewed Alok Appadurai '00 about Fed By Threads, his social enterprise and all-American clothing line, she had no idea that he shared his alma mater with her.

It wasn't until she read the Wesconnect article on Alok did she make the Wes connection. Read her article for her blog "Not Only For Profit" on Forbes, and continue to keep your eyes peeled for those many Wes connections. You never know where they may be lurking.

Like all startups, social enterprises pivot. But that can involve expanding their social mission, not just rejiggering their business model. And sometimes the results surprise even the founders.

A case in point is Fed By Threads. The Tucson-based social enterprise, founded about two years ago by Alok Appadurai and his partner Jade Beall, began as a way to help groups that feed hungry Americans. The idea: design and make clothing and, for every item sold, donate $1 to an organization to help cover the costs of providing emergency meals.

...Appadurai knows that he might have an easier time, marketing-wise, if he hadn’t expanded the mission. Still, as of now, according to Appadurai, the company has contributed to 125,484 meals, donating $1 per item sold to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and to Feeding America , a national hunger relief organization. “We want to have a national and local impact,” he says.

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Image: c/o Anne Field

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