The Bradley, by Hyungsoo Kim ’02, lauded for design

By A.N. Kini '13

[The Bradley, by Hyungsoo Kim '02]The BBC covered Hyungsoo Kim '02 and the Bradley, a watch for the blind. Named after Lieutenant Bradley Snyder, a Paralympian gold medallist who lost his sight in Afghanistan, the Bradley is a favorite in London's Design Museum's Design of the Year contest, and surprisingly, is mostly being bought by sighted people.

The Bradley was created in collaboration with RISD designers Amanda Sim '08, David Zacher and others. The original $40,000 ask on Kickstarter was met with incredible enthusiasm - amounting to over $594,000 in donations.

With the watch now named the Bradley, there was an appeal on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website, in July last year - 3,681 people from 65 different countries backed the project, donating a total of $594,602 (£357,290). It will be available for sale from May in the US, with the UK and Europe likely to follow later.

A further 1,000 people have since pre-ordered the watch online but only a tiny fraction of those - Kim estimates between 1-2% - are visually impaired.

The watch is now among the favourites in the 76 nominations for the Designs of the Year contest at London's Design Museum. The nomination has already led to interest from European retailers. There's an obvious gimmick for selling to sighted people - you can check the time in a social or work setting without appearing rude.

"It bridges the gap between the disabled and the non-disabled," says [Lieutenant Bradley] Snyder.

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