Matthew Weiner ’87 comments on Don Draper’s fate

By Caroline MacNeille '16

[Matthew Weiner '87]Have you started the new season yet? In this interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Mad Men series creator Matthew Weiner ’87 talks about the two-part final season of the AMC hit. In addition to comparisons with Breaking Bad, Matthew addresses some of the most pressing questions about the series’ resolve - from Don’s fate to whose story the show is really telling.

Matthew Weiner is an award-winning writer, director and producer. He created the television series ‘Mad Men’ and served as the a writer and producer for the fifth and sixth seasons of ‘The Sopranos.’ He has won three Emmy Awards, as well as three Golden Globes. At Wesleyan, Matthew enrolled in the College of Letters, studying history, literature and philosophy. He then earned an MFA from the University of Southern California School of Cinema and Television.

By the time Mad Men ends next year – the final season, which debuts on Sunday April 13th on AMC, will be split into two Breaking Bad-style runs – there will have been 92 episodes of unmatched TV, covering the entirety of the 1960s. Though the series has focused on an advertising agency and the people who work there, according to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, the show has always been more about the lessons of that era, from the British Invasion through the crashing of the counterculture wave with the election of Richard Nixon.

Did you pay attention to how Breaking Bad handled the same thing?

No, because they did it very differently. They had a year off [of shooting] between each half, and I'm doing all of this at once. But I did, obviously, pay attention to Breaking Bad; it's a great show, and Vince is very talented. But the whole reason we're splitting the season like this is because it was tremendously successful for the network.

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