Storytelling: Taylor Matthew ’17 and Megan Norris ’83 (clip)

[Taylor Matthew ’17 & Megan Norris ’83] A clip from our interview with Taylor Matthew ’17 and Megan Norris ’83 P’17.

In this clip, Taylor Matthew ’17 talks with her mother Megan Norris ’83 P’17 about her lifelong connection with Wesleyan, annual trips to Reunion & Commencement, and knowing where the pink elephant is.

Taylor: “I went to her and was like, I learned the fight song! And she said, we have a fight song? And I was like, yes, I’m a pro. I got this.”

Megan Norris ’83, is chair of the Alumni Association and is a former member of the Board of Trustees. She is currently the MD of the Detroit office of Miller Canfield. Taylor, who is wrapping up her first year at Wesleyan, attended her first Wesleyan event when she was 10 weeks-old.

You can find Megan’s own story here, follow @Detroitmpnorris on Twitter, and engage with her and other alumni on WesChat.

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Music: “Sleep Inside” by The Last Minutes—Ryan Rodger ’11, Ben Block ’11, Katherine McDonald ’11 and Bella Loggins ’10, and “Your Song” by Bella Loggins


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