Soros ’92 on making every voter equal

By Caroline MacNeille '16

[Jonathan Soros '92]Tom Perkins recently suggested he should have more votes because he pays more in taxes. Jonathan Soros ’92 responds to this in an op-ed for Reuters. Jonathan discusses the influence of big money on political elections and how The Government by the People Act could change that.

After graduation, Soros earned his law degree from Harvard Law School and a degree in public policy from Kennedy School of Government. He now serves as CEO of JS Capital Management LLC, a private investment firm. He is a Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

Instead of extra votes on Election Day, we who are wealthy enough to give money to politicians get special access before, and influence after, as candidates pursue the cash that is the life’s blood of their election campaigns. The more you give, the more access and influence you have. It’s as simple as that.

Our leaders’ supplication to donors is not new. But in the age of Super PACs the effect has become far more pronounced — even as the post-Watergate limits on campaign contributions look increasingly irrelevant.

There is a Super PAC for almost every candidate and cause — including one that I helped create, with the ironic mission of decreasing the influence of money in politics. But it would be a mistake to call this diversity. Our democracy is meant to be more than a disagreement among rich people.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to Perkins’ vision of a plutocratic dystopia.

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Image: c/o NPR/Samuel LaHoz

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