Marcus ’13 wins prize for physics research

By Caroline MacNeille '16

[Guy G. Marcus '13]Guy Geyer Marcus '13 has been chosen for the 2013 American Physical Society LeRoy Apker award. The prize was bestowed on Nov. 26th at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting in Pittsburgh, where Guy gave a talk entitled "Using 3D Printing and Stereoscopic Imaging to Measure the Alignment and Rotation of Anisotropic Particles in Turbulence."

Guy, who won the award for outstanding undergraduate research at a PhD-granting institution, is not the first alumnus in recent years to do so. In 2010, Chia Wei Hsu '10, who is pursuing his PhD in Physics at Harvard University, won the same award.

In September, seven finalists gathered in Washington to be interviewed by the APS Apker Award selection committee. The Apker Award recognizes outstanding research by an undergraduate student. The committee, chaired by 2011 APS President Barry Barish, recommended two of the finalists as the 2013 Apker Award recipients, and the recommendation was approved by the Executive Board.

The recipient from a PhD-granting institution is Guy Geyer Marcus of Wesleyan University, whose research was titled "Rotational Dynamics of Anisotropic Particles in Turbulence: Measurements of Lagrangian Vorticity and the Effects of Alignment with the Velocity Gradient." His research advisor at Wesleyan was Greg Voth, and he is now pursuing graduate studies at The Johns Hopkins University.

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Image: courtesy of Yale University

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