Schonfeld ’13 on struggling Wal-Mart workers

By A.N. Kini '13

[Zach Schonfeld ’13]Zach Schonfeld '13 covers Wal-Mart's food drive to feed its own struggling workers for The Wire.

An Ohio Wal-Mart is holding a food drive for underprivileged families who can't afford Thanksgiving dinner, which seems like a noble enough venture, until you realize the collection box is for the store's own workers, who are apparently in need because Wal-Mart doesn't pay them enough.

As the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, the collection reads simply "Please donate food items here so Associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner." The photo is making the rounds via the union-backed group OUR Walmart, which has been organizing walk-outs and heightening pressure on the retailer to pay a living wage since a major round of strikes last Black Friday, followed by large-scale resistance in early September.

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Image: from Consequence of Sound

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