Ward ’96 joins Al Jazeera America

[ Jacob Ward ’96]By A.N. Kini '13

Leaving his position as editor-in-chief at Popular Science, Jacob Ward '96 will join Al Jazeera America as the channel's science and technology news correspondent.

“They’re interested in making science and technology a priority,” Ward said of Al Jazeera’s management in a phone interview with Capital. “They want to know what the Kepler [satellite] is up to; they want to know where we are in the fight against cancer.”

Ward, 39, has made a career in magazines of digesting complex scientific concepts for the masses; now he's switching to an even more populist medium.

“I’m not by any means a trained scientist, but I’ve made a career of being a translator of science. It’s a huge responsibility to boil down the complexities of research into a story that the layman can understand,” said Ward, whose writing on science and technology has appeared in The New Yorker and Wired, and whose pet topics include driverless cars and private space travel.

Ward’s first segment for Al Jazeera will cover Syria’s disarmament, illuminating the process by which chemical weapons are destroyed.

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