MacCluggage ’04: very busy, not superstitious

[Kate MacCluggage ’04] By A.N. Kini '13

Kate MacCluggage '04 is appearing in two season openers at the Hartford Stage this year: "La Dispute" and "Macbeth." In this interview with CT Post, she discusses the challenges of performing in two plays at once, elaborate costumes, and Macbeth superstitions.

American actors don't often get the chance to do more than one play in repertory, so Kate MacCluggage has been relishing the chance to appear in the dual Hartford Stage season opener, "La Dispute" and "Macbeth."

"It hasn't felt too complicated so far," MacCluggage said in a recent interview. "It's kind of like playing multiple characters in one show, which I've done before. And when you're out auditioning, you often have to play several different characters in one day."

Rehearsing two shows at once has kept MacCluggage so busy that she hasn't had time to worry about the various superstitions attached to "Macbeth" (many actors won't even say the title, instead referring to it as "the Scottish play").

"You can call it `Macbeth,' " the performer said, laughing. "I don't take that stuff too seriously."

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