Shane ’05, Wilson ’05 direct film on late abortions

[Martha Shane ’96, Lana Wilson ’05]By A.N. Kini '13

Read a review and watch the trailer of "After Tiller," a documentary on the last four doctors in the U.S. who perform third-trimester abortions. The documentary was directed, written and produced by Martha Shane '05 and Lana Wilson '05, and is now playing in New York City.

The following is from a review in the Wall Street Journal:

Neither Martha Shane nor Lana Wilson see themselves as activists. Yet their new documentary "After Tiller," which opened on Friday at Film Forum, confronts one of the most volatile topics in American life: late-term abortion.

The practice, which generally applies to the termination of pregnancies in the third trimester, is widely banned or restricted in the U.S. According to the filmmakers, when they began their project, only four doctors continued to perform it legally after abortion provider George Tiller was killed in 2009 by an abortion opponent.

The news startled Ms. Shane and Ms. Wilson and gave them a premise. "We wanted to know what kind of person would want to do this job, where they're getting shot at and harassed all the time," said Ms. Wilson, who is 30 years old and met Ms. Shane, 29, as students at Wesleyan University. "What's that like as a human being?"

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Image: by Bryan Smith for the Wall Street Journal

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