Jordan Fish ’06 writes and directs MGMT album trailer

[Jordan Fish ’06]Filmmaker Jordan Fish '06 has written and directed the album trailer for MGMT's upcoming self-titled album. Willy Friedman '06 produced the video, while Ray Tintori '06 consulted on it.

In a conversation with Wesconnect, Jordan discusses pushing creative boundaries, working through the lean years, and how interesting things get made:

Wesconnect: You're an experimenter in the art of the music video...from a choose-your-own-adventure to now an album trailer. What's next?

Jordan Fish: Music videos are an amazing medium to experiment and find one's voice as a director. The format is wide open, and I've always felt like there's an expectation to push creative boundaries. You can do anything, and you should. For both the Chairlift video and the MGMT trailer, the thing I'm most excited about is telling stories, and I'm hoping to do more of that. I co-wrote a feature film that I'm excited to direct, and I'm working with production company m ss ng p eces on various commercial and creative projects.

WC: Were there any points where you almost took another path?

JF: Career-wise, no. As long as you know what you want to do, I recommend working through the lean years. That said, I seek out different creative paths all the time.

WC:The list of Wesleyan alumni you've worked with is impressive.

JF: It's really important to love your friends and make stuff with your friends, and I met some brilliant and amazing people at school. There's a positive feedback loop that happens for sure. That's how interesting things get made.

Watch the video on Vimeo…

The Wesleyan vibe doesn't end here. In addition to his work for MGMT (Ben Goldwasser '05, Andrew VanWyngarden '05), Jordan has created music videos for Das Racist (Himanshu "Heems" Suri '07, Victor "Kool A.D" Vazquez '06) and Boy Crisis (Victor Vazquez '06, Tal Rosen '06, Lee Pender '07, Alex Kestner '06, Owen Roberts '07). Check out Jordan's website to see his work.

Image thumb: from Jordan Fish

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