Storytelling: Marie-Carole Desrosiers ’83 and Marva Angel ’83

[Marie-Carole Desrosiers ’83 & Marva Angel ’83] A clip from our interview with Marie-Carole Desrosiers ’83 and Marva Angel ’83.

In this week’s story Marie-Carole Desrosiers ’83 and Marva Angel ’83 recall a very different sociopolitical climate in Connecticut, and how the Wesleyan community, led by President Colin Campbell, banded together when the lives of black students were threatened.

“In other places, you did have an African American presence but it was scattered. Here, it was more organized… you have the Malcolm X house, Center for African American studies. I felt like there was a part of me here too, I didn’t feel like I was coming to a foreign place, a foreign land.”

At Wesleyan, Marie-Carole studied biology and went on to receive her MD medical degree from Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein Medical School. She is now a private physician in Miami, Florida. Marva, who studied anthropology at Wesleyan and received her master’s from Pace, is a surgical nurse at North Shore Medical Center.

The Wesleyan Storytelling Project is produced by Mia Lobel ’97 and production intern Tess Altman ’17.

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