Toronto’s cultural highlights, from Lasky ’82

By A.N. Kini '13

[Julie Lasky '82]View this interactive article on the cultural highlights of downtown Toronto, the latest installment in a series on creative urban neighborhoods by Julie Lasky '82:

The latest installment of a series about creative urban neighborhoods explores the cultural highlights of an area near downtown Toronto. Part of the city’s designated Art and Design District, this section of Queen West is experiencing a jolt of popularity and prosperity and some of the pangs of gentrification. One might even say it’s in the sweet spot between scared off and priced out.

First came the manor houses, then the mental hospital, then the stockyards. By the end of the 19th century, the part of Toronto known today as Queen West had had more reversals of fortune than an entire season of “Dallas” (the original or the new version).

That was before industry and immigration billowed in the 20th century, before this neighborhood west of downtown grew seedy and unpredictable, before a gangland double murder was committed in a karaoke bar in 2003.

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Image: c/o DCRIT

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