Wayans ’83 reflects on career in entertainment

[Kim Wayans '83] By Caroline MacNeille '16

Actress, producer, writer and director Kim Wayans '83 takes on her latest challenge: a role in the TV drama Reckless. In this USA Today article, Kim reflects on her multi-faceted career and what she'd be doing if she weren't in entertainment:

Kim Wayans, 52, comes from a family of multi-hyphenate entertainers, so it's almost as if acting and comedy were in her blood. But what if the actress/playwright/author – who has found success in comedy, producing/writing/directing, as a playwright, as a children's book author and now as a dramatic actress in the new CBS series Reckless – had chosen a different path?

"I would have been a teacher," the Wesleyan University alum says. "I would have taught fifth grade, like my favorite teacher, Sylvia Clark," of New York's P.S. 111. "I loved school. My brothers and sisters hated me because I loved school so much, always an A student. I made the most out of the experience."

Kim discusses family and reaching her latest milestone:

On Her BIG family."I was the one who wanted to be in show business," says Wayans, who has nine siblings, including entertainers Keenen, Marlon, Shawn and Damon. "Keenen was pretty quiet about it. He never articulated that desire, but secretly he was harboring it and he went off and started doing stand-up. I was the little desperado in all the community productions, in my junior high and high school productions. I was that girl. That was my way of getting attention."

On Turning the big 5-0. "It's what you make it. It's all about attitude," says the 52-year-old. "If you want to feel like life is over, then you'll be that lady. I thought it was empowering and a wonderful blessing to have been here on the earth that long and have gleaned so much knowledge. You just keep getting fuller and fuller and more your authentic self. So what's there to be not happy about? You're not caring about what other people think; that influences you very little as you get older and it's a wonderful liberating thing."

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