Carter ’88 transforms community through new nonprofit

[Majora Carter '88] By Cynthia Rockwell

Majora Carter ’88, an urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer and Peabody Award winning broadcaster, recently founded Home(town) Security Laboratories, a nonprofit corporation that seeks transform low-income communities through local economic opportunities.

Carter also announced the corporation’s first project, StartUp Box #SouthBronxs ( Through relationships with NYC-area Game Developers such as Nickelodeon and Tresensa, local video game business, StartUp Box has arranged to drive their quality assurance testing, operating from a newly renovated facility in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. Carter plans to hire employees from this neighborhood, training them to test games across multiple platforms and return error reports using industry protocols.

Says Carter, StartUp Box CEO, “Placing people in jobs within software companies is not always viable, especially for people with barriers to employment. StartUp Box uses the B2B outsourcing model that industry is comfortable with, and puts that economic activity in communities where it’s needed most.”

To highlight these opportunities, StartUpBox is hosting a grand opening block party on August 2 at their headquarters on 866 Hunts Point Ave. The celebration features a salsa show, kids’ activities, information on educational opportunities, and a video game tournament that will also serve as employee recruitment for StartUp Box.

As well as producing entry-level jobs for people whom the tech economy might otherwise leave behind, Carter notes that StartUp Box will also offer educational opportunities and mentoring in the community.

Image: from Southern Connecticut State University

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