Wesleyan alumni at the Emmys

By Caroline MacNeille '16

Editors note: After running this post in the newsletter on July 23, it came to our attention that we'd missed two alumni: Kenneth Fuchs '83 and Liz Friedman '91. Write to us if there are more!

[Game of Thrones, co-created by D.B. Weiss '93]

Seven alumni and one parent have been nominated for Emmy Awards this year. Congratulations to all the nominees!

While Shark Tank was nominated for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, its director Kenneth Fuchs '83 has been specifically nominated for Outstanding Direction of Nonfiction Programming.

Liz Friedman '91 and Jenji Kohan have been nominated for "Writing for a comedy series" for everyone's favorite prison comedy, Orange is the New Black.

Game of Thrones received 19 nominations, the most Emmy nominations this year. Nominations include Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. D.B. Weiss '93 co-created of Game of Thrones and is now a producer and writer.

Mad Men, created and produced by Matthew Weiner '87, is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus P'14 has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Veep.

Modern Family is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. Bill Wrubel '85 is an executive producer.

Matthew Senreich '96 is the co-creator and producer of Robot Chicken, which was nominated for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program.

Maria Santana '98 has been nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in Spanish.

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