Almond ’88 shares his summer reading list

By A.N. Kini '13

[Steve Almond '88]Picking out trashy novels for your summer reading? They don't have to be disposable, says literary critic Steve Almond '88 - you can read books with great plots and great writing. He shares some of his favorite summer reads with Robin Young at WBAA:

YOUNG: And it's true, people think it has to be the books with the purple seams.

ALMOND: Yes, I have many purple-seamed books in my library. But in the venn diagram when we think about books, we think they're either plot driven, they're an airport read, they're a beach read or they are character driven, they're interior, they're psychological. And that is a big myth. And it is a big myth because the best writers are doing both of those things.

YOUNG: And wait, you said venn diagram?

ALMOND: So the venn diagram is a diagram that's overlapping, and we think of those two like two circles that have a point of overlap. And for me, my favorite books are the ones that occupy the incredibly propulsive plot driven, but also have beautiful character development, psychological interiority, moving stuff about the human condition.

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Image: c/o Jesse Costa/Here & Now

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