Prager ’84 writes children’s book “The Shark Whisperer”

By A.N. Kini '13

[Ellen Prager '84] Marine scientist Ellen Prager '84 branches out...into the world of fiction, with The Shark Whisperer, a children's book that explores ocean's real problems.

A kid who swims with sharks?

That would be Tristan Hunt, the 12-year-old hero of “The Shark Whisperer.” He goes to a beach camp expecting sand and sunburn but discovers a new talent: communicating with sharks.

Like Tristan, the book’s author, Ellen Prager, has gotten very close to sharks; she has even petted them. Studying sharks and other sea creatures is part of her job as a marine scientist....“Millions of sharks die like this every year,” Prager said. “This is very harmful to oceans because sharks are important predators.” They help keep the fish population in balance.

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Image: by Rodrigo Garvla; from article

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