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The Wesleyan Alumni app allows you to search the Alumni Directory from your phone or tablet. As of February 2016, there are over 2,720 registered users. Access is available to authorized users only: Wesleyan alumni, current students, and faculty.

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What does it do?

The app allows Wesleyan alumni, faculty, and students to stay in touch with their Wesleyan friends, and to network for career purposes. Users can:

  • Update their contact information
  • Search the alumni directory
  • Find alumni in their area
  • View LinkedIn profile data from within the app
  • Email or call directly from the app
  • Find alumni with common interests
  • Get social media updates from Wesleyan and Wesconnect

Latest changes

Version 3.2 was released in Fall 2014 and features the following improvements:

  • iOS 8 support
  • you can now log in using your LinkedIn account
  • improved name search now uses first, last, middle, maiden, nicknames
  • added search on majors, job title, degree, and industries
  • added search on LinkedIn industries and companies
  • “Hide Me Completely” allows constituents to hide their own profiles
  • your profile now indicates private data with a “not visible” icon
  • friendlier account confirmation if your email doesn’t match
  • refreshed and reorganized home screen
  • view connections based on shared interests
  • view your classmates at a glance
  • login now uses passwords instead of PINs for non-LinkedIn users
  • country is now visible on profiles

Version history

Jun. 05, 2015 Version 3.3.2 for Android
Mar. 26, 2015 Version 3.3.1 for Android
Dec. 03, 2014 Version 3.2.4 for iOS
Nov. 17, 2014 Version 3.2.1 for Android
Sep. 07, 2014 Version 3.1 for Android (major update)
A keyboard bug prevented PIN-setting when using LinkedIn—please update to 3.2.1
Jul. 31, 2014 Version 3.0.6 for iOS
Jun. 04, 2014 Version 3.0 for iOS (major update)
Records migrated to version 3.0 of EverTrue platform
Oct. 14, 2013 Version 2.9 on iOS
Sep. 23, 2013 Version 2.8 launches on iOS and Android (first Wesleyan version)


We’d love to hear from you. Please send app feedback to If you like the app please consider leaving a rating on the iOS App Store or Google Play to help Cardinals discover it :)


The app uses the Evertrue Community platform.