Toni Craige ’09 wins fellowship for sustainability

[Toni Craige ’09]By A.N. Kini '13

Toni Craige '09 has been awarded the SustainUS Lead Now Fellowship for her "innovative approach to women's education about reusable feminine products." Toni is the co-founder of Sustainable Cycles.

Toni Craige, age 26, of Raleigh was awarded the SustainUS Lead Now Fellowship for her work founding Sustainable Cycles, an organization that educates women about reusable menstrual products through bicycle tours. This national fellowship is awarded annually to emerging young leaders who demonstrate an outstanding potential to advance sustainable development in communities.

Last month, Sustainable Cycles launched a cross-country bike tour, led by recent UC Berkeley graduate Rachel Horn. Horn can be found bisecting the country this summer on two wheels, handing out menstrual cups in communities across America. Craig and Konner say they are staying home this summer, but providing Horn support remotely, and plotting the next developments of Sustainable Cycles.

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Image: from Sustainable Cycles

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