Silvera-Seamans ’98 on political ecology of trees

[Georgia Silvera-Seamans ’98]By A.N. Kini '13

Ecologist Georgia Silvera-Seamans '98 writes about the "political ecology of urban trees in Turkey and elsewhere," linking issues of commercial development on park lands in Turkey, New York and California. Georgia received her PhD in environmental planning from UC Berkeley and graduated from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies with a Master of Environmental Management.

If you have been following the protests in Turkey, you know they were triggered by the government's reaction to citizen protests against constructing a mall on Gezi Park, a central greenspace in Istanbul vegetated with hundreds of sycamores.

In a blog post titled "Gezi Park, Nearby Nature, and Democracy", Naomi Sachs of Therapeutic Landscape Network asked, "Can you imagine a city without any parks?"

Popes asked, "What Is It About Trees?" and answered that "[t]rees ...become a tangible symbol of the common space which autocrats claim to serve, but actually destroy."

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Image: Robert Seamans

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