Nigam ’87 on cyber security, live

[Hemanshu Nigam ’87]By A.N. Kini '13

Hemanshu Nigam ’87 is the founder and CEO of SSP Blue, the leading advisory firm for online safety, security and privacy issues. Recently, Hemanshu sat down with CNN to discuss challenges and benefits of expanding top level domain names.

Listen to Hemanshu discuss online privacy and US surveillance on Al Jazeera English.

His advice on keeping children safe online was featured by Safe Sound Family. The following is an excerpt from the article:

The most important tip I can share with parents about keeping kids safe online is…

Parents are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting kids offline and online. As much as we want to pass on this role to others when it comes to the online world, the reality is that all parents are actually equipped to be the defenders of their children online as much as they are offline.

...and yet, the lack of understanding of the technology that drives the online world is likely the single most common reason why parents tend to shy away from thinking they can keep their kids safe online.

Read the article here…

Image : Courtesy SSP Blue

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