Chen ’98 featured in Marie Claire as a ‘new change agent’

[Lynn Chen’98] By A.N. Kini '13

Lynn Chen '98, of the blog "Thick Dumpling Skin," was featured by Marie Claire for her work in eating-disorder prevention. Along with her co-founder, Lisa Lee, Chen was highlighted as part of "The New Change Agents" feature with five other female 'next-generation' social activists.

When Lisa Lee was 17, she attended a weight-loss spa with her mother—an experience that led to a troubled relationship with food. Nine years later, she described the experience in Hyphen, a magazine aimed at Asian-Americans, and caught the attention of Lynn Chen, a 36-year-old actress. Lee's story resonated with Chen, who had struggled with eating disorders for her whole life. Like Lee, Chen grew up in an Asian-American community where topics like anorexia were off-limits.

Lee and Chen, who was named an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, lecture about eating and body image issues. "We want to be a catalyst for women to treat themselves better," Lee says.

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Image: by Chopper Platt.

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