Schwartz ’87 talks about his new start-up and Internet privacy

[Jonathan Schwartz’87] By A.N. Kini '13

In an interview with the Telegraph, Jonathan Schwartz '87 discusses CareZone, success and the importance of a university education. Schwartz, the former CEO of the multi-billion dollar Sun Microsystems, set up CareZone as a safe place to manage private information. The service uses the oldest marketing tool of all time--word of mouth.

What did you study at university? How did your time at university help prepare you for your career/ setting up your own business?

I started my university career thinking I wanted to be an architect, but ended up graduating with dual degrees in mathematics and economics. Beyond the academics themselves, being at university taught me self-reliance, and the value of understanding other people's perspectives.

But I also have very traditional values when it comes to university. There are lots of notable drop outs, like Mark Zuckerburg or Steve Jobs.

But for every billionaire drop out, there are tens of thousands of folks who made life harder for themselves by failing to complete a university education. So I believe everyone with the ability ought to attend university. It never narrows your opportunity (vs. dropping out), it only expands it.

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