WSJ profiles creator of Mad Men, Weiner ’87

[Matthew Weiner’87] By A.N. Kini '13

Producer, director and writer Matthew Weiner ’87 discusses the vivid world and memorable characters he has created for the acclaimed AMC series Mad Men.

Matthew Weiner, the creator and driving force of the AMC cable series ‘Mad Men,’ doesn't outwardly resemble the show's main character, the unflappable advertising executive Don Draper. Mr. Weiner (pronounced WINE-er) is intense and excitable, and—being small and balding—he looks nothing like Jon Hamm, the movie-star handsome actor who plays Don. But the two share at least one trait: a strong desire to control their world.

Those who work on ‘Mad Men,’ which begins its sixth season on April 7, speak reverently of Mr. Weiner's talent and intelligence but also of his demanding nature and occasional temper. Every episode reflects his vision and voice. He and Scott Hornbacher serve as executive producers for the series, most of which is written by Mr. Weiner. And he directs the final episode each season. His model for this hands-on approach is David Chase, who conceived ‘The Sopranos,’ which Mr. Weiner worked on.

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Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

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