Nussenbaum ’12: move where you can matter

[Max Nussenbaum’12] In this piece for the Huffington Post blog, Max Nussenbaum '12 reflects on his move to Detroit, where he works for the start-up, "Are You a Human." Nussenbaum, who studied English and government at Wesleyan, joined Venture for America as part of its inaugural class in 2012.

We were a cohort raised with tunnel vision, a graduating class who couldn't find Ohio on a map and who thought "Oklahoma City" was an oxymoron. Don't get me wrong, I was more than guilty of this myself: I heard Venture for America talk about underserved parts of the country and my first thought was Queens -- you know, since everyone was moving to Brooklyn...

But less has been said ... about how in some cities it's possible to have an impact from the moment you step off the plane.

Detroit is one of those cities. Detroit craves people. And because of that, you can matter the minute you move here.

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Image: from Max Nussenbaum

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