Firestone ’09 and father host “New York’s Most Puntastic Competition”

[Jo Firestone’09] Comedian Jo Firestone '09 teams up with her father, Fred, to host "Punderdome." The word-play competition draws sell-out crowds every month.

When Jo Firestone left her Clayton home to become a comedian in New York City, she never thought her father would end up as her stage partner.

But now the dad-daughter duo is drawing critical acclaim from the New York media and attracting sellout crowds to a club in Brooklyn for their wild and crazy pun show called the Punderdome — “New York’s Most Puntastic Competition.”

Every month, Fred Firestone, 60, a businessman from Clayton, joins his daughter, 26, in Brooklyn to co-host a three-hour show that packs in hordes of pun-thirsty students, 20- and 30-somethings and some sage oldster punsters and professors.

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Image: from the Punderdome Facebook page.

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