Into the Family Biz: Belushi ’04 stars in ‘Joe Schmo’

[Rob Belushi’04] Rob Belushi ’04 stars on the Spike TV reality program, The Joe Schmo Show, airing Tuesday nights. He talks to AP reporter Caryn Rousseau about his background and the “double-edged sword” of his name.

The name on Hollywood audition lists and casting sheets must be unmistakably eye-catching: Rob Belushi. The 32-year-old actor and comedian is from yes, that Belushi family. He's the son of Jim Belushi and the nephew of the late John Belushi and for the past decade or so an aspiring actor in his own right.

Rob Belushi has guest starred on TV shows like his dad's "According to Jim" and "The Defenders." He's appeared in made-for-TV movies and graced the stand-up stage. Now he's starring on the Spike TV reality program "The Joe Schmo Show" that airs on Tuesday nights.

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Image: AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

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