Shepard ’09 and Hanson ’12 collaborate for ‘Neon Mamacita’

[Annie Shepard’09] Annie Shepard ’09, founder and creative director of the online fashion magazine 'Neon Mamacita,' partners up with artist Harry Hanson ’12 for a photoshoot at the Bronx Zoo. Photographed by Aaron Colussi, Hanson brings “back the spirit of Carmen Miranda,” the essence of Neon Mamacita.

From the beginning, Carmen Miranda has been the face of Neon Mamacita. She’s on our business cards, in the email signature, and the face of every profile picture we have. It wasn’t necessarily on purpose, she just found me, and I’ve never let go.

She embodies an unrivaled combination of fun, femininity, and is never one to shy away from costume… or fruit. Her outfit is always essentially the same- a full skirt, yards of beads, and always ALWAYS! a fruit/ feather contraption on her head. You could literally feed a village with the flora from her hat. But in this age when anything other than skinny jeans is considered formal wear, Carmen is verging on irrelevance.

More than anyone I know, Amber Alert (known to some as Harry Hanson), is bringing back the spirit of Carmen Miranda. Amber has a closet full of sequins, a bureau stuffed with crinolines, and her wig collection takes up an entire wall.  Amber spent last weekend putting together a homemade Cassie music video, and performed a Jesus meets Lana del Rey strip tease at a recent burlesque show.

View the photoshoot here...

Image: from Annie Shepard.

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