Happy Valentine’s from the ’05 comedy duo Stone and Stone

[Stone’05] It starts out as such a promising second date for Bridey... but Jarvis and his family are not what she expected. This Valentine video created by Todd ’05 and Adam ’05 Stone and their family (including Andy Stone ’68) knocks romance on its head.

Bridey: I’m really happy that we got a chance to meet in person.
Jarvis (Todd): Same here. I mean there are so a lot of crazies online, you know.
Bridey: I know.
Jarvis: Well, how about we go on, like, a real date, at night?
Bridey: Sure, that’d be great.
Jarvis: How about Thursday?
Bridey: Well… that’s Valentine’s Day.
Jarvis: Oh, so what? It’s just like another day of the week….

Watch what happens next…

Image: via Todd and Adam Stone

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