Goldblatt ’05 directs Guy Fantastico music video

[Max Goldblatt’05] Max Goldblatt '05 directed the music video for singer Guy Fantastico’s song “Floating, Floating, Floating.” Online magazine Refinery 29 has a few things to say about it:

When we last posted about synth-pop playboy Guy Fantastico, it was to debut his excellent new album DREAMBOAT. Now, the L.A.-based crooner is back with a new video for album standout ‘Floating, Floating, Floating,’ and things are getting very weird indeed.

The video is the result of a collaboration between artist Jeffro Halladay and director Max Goldblatt, who hoped to create something that would ‘make people sad but also make them smile.’ It's a smoothly shot black-and-white clip starring topknot-rocking DJ and man about town Josh LeCash, along his bizarre little buddy. A note of caution: though the intention of the director may be lighthearted, we don't recommend watching this on your lunch break.

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Image: from Max Goldblatt.

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