Lindsay Abrams ’12: a modest proposal for tasteful shame

[Lindsay Abrams ’12] Lindsay Abrams ’12, Editorial Fellow at The Atlantic, examines bioethicist Daniel Callahan’s “case for shaming obese people, tastefully." She was also featured on the HuffPost Live segment, “Shame the Obese?”

“People don’t hate being fat enough, basically, according to Hastings Center bioethicist Daniel Callahan. In an editorial published in the Hastings Center Report, he argues that nothing—not diets, drugs, surgeries, nor appeals to our health—is working, and goes on to make the case for fat-shaming people until they start eating more salad.

“‘An edgier strategy is needed,’ is his (earnest and entirely devoid of irony) way of putting it.

“The edgy strategy he came up with entails ‘social pressure combined with vigorous government action.’ Callahan likens it to the campaign to end smoking: The combination, in his experience, of being criticized, sent outside, and taxed for his ‘nasty habit’ was the motivation he needed to quit.”

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Watch the HuffPost Live segment "Shame the Obese?"

Image: Olivia Drake MALS ’08.

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