Debut mix by Isa Nakazawa ’08 and Marcus Warmington ’09

[Marcus Warmington ’09 and Isa Nakazawa ’08] Music enthusiasts Isabella “Isa” Nakazawa ’08 and Marcus Warmington ’09, collectively known as Bodega Vendetta, collaborated coast-to-coast to create their debut mix, “Freak Love.” The playlist features R&B songs edited by the duo.

“‘Freak Love’ is the end result of a music sharing process that transformed into a playlist of classic slow jams and more contemporary genre-bending synth-soul that is sure to put you in the mood. Yeah, that mood. Whether you have a boo or not, it’s two hours of tunes that will have you ready to bounce, cuddle and get your freaky on. And while I have absolutely no expertise in DJ mixing, this is my best attempt at audio editing in the recent past. Don’t expect any creative transitions or precise technical beat-matching… yet. The perks of having DJ homies is that they generously donate their time and wisdom to gaming me up on the appropriate Software. There will be more mixes to come with more tricks up our sleeve. If you enjoy what you hear, spread the love!”

Read the full story and listen to the mix…

Image: via Bodega Vendetta.

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