‘Psychological Science’ headlines race-bias paper by Bar-David ’09

[Eyal Bar-David ’09] Eyal Bar-David ’09, Wesleyan psychology major and New York University research assistant in the department of psychology’s Phelps Lab, co-authored a paper asking whether “racial bias affects the way the brain represents information about social groups,” published in the journal Psychological Science.

“Does racial bias affect the way the brain represents information about social groups? Researchers collected fMRI data while participants were shown pictures of White and Black faces. Participants also performed the Implicit Association Task to assess their level of implicit racial bias and a face-localizer task to help researchers identify regions of the face-processing network. Researchers found that the blood-oxygenation-level-dependent (BOLD) patterns in the Occipital Pole (OP), the Occipital Face Area (OFA), and the Fusiform Face Area (FFA) predicted the race of the face participants were viewing. These findings suggest that racial bias does affect the neural representation of different groups.”

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Image: via Eyal Bar-David.

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